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A Global Call to Youth (GCY)
A massive tree planting and environmental education program involving youth across the world

The Project Jatropha Team is asking all youth from each and every corner of the globe to take responsibility and participate in the fight against climate change by planting at least one useful seedling. Let's plant one seedling at a time. You can start at your own backyard, school, or anywhere-you pick the place. If you try to understand the magnitude of the situation, and the difference that one action can make and how that action can influence others, then you can find a place to plant at least  one seedling. We are asking individuals, groups, organizations, schools to join us in this venture. If you do decide to do so, please let us know by dropping an email or writing on our blog so that we can include you as a participant member in this effort.  
We are setting a goal to plant one million trees in 10 years: by 2020. 
What have we done so far??
By 2010 September, we planted 23,000  useful forestry saplings which includes teak, silver oak, pongamia etc by involving  260 farmers and 33 rural schools from close to 14 villages near our project site. 

We visited selected participating schools and  planted the forestry and fruit saplings with the school kids. We gave numerous presentations about climate change as a part of the environmental education  which is also the second goal of Global Call to Youth.

 We are looking into all the possible collaborations. For starters, we have partnered with Sirona Cares Foundation to start a fruit orchard/kitchen garden program. In this program, we are planning to donate useful seedlings to selected schools and orphanages in Haiti,  and  low income neighborhood in bay area, CA, USA, which need financial assistance in addition to the ongoing program in India.
 Please contact us and join the fight against climate change.
The ways in which you can help:
1. Donating funds (which are tax-deductible, thanks to our NPO status) to purchase seedlings
2. Volunteering to help us plant in different schools
3. Plant useful saplings in your backyard, school, and neighborhood and let us know!!

Future Plan :
 There are 378 rural schools in all in the Hunsur area which needs help in terms of environmental education and creation of school gardening.  We can plant up to 40,000 forestry saplings in these schools.  However, at this point we don't have sufficient funds to launch this program in all the schools. We have to accomplish this goal over a course of several years.
We need to raise sufficient funds in order to meet the financial obligation required to attaining this goal.
 There is one big problem we need to solve. During summer, as the schools are closed, there will be no one to take care of the saplings. Villagers leave cattle to graze in the school fields and small children play in the fields, significantly increasing the mortality rate of the saplings. Consequently, we need  to choose the schools which has a gated fence or get the gated fence for the schools before planting. Right now, we are selecting only the schools which have gated fence and enthusiastic teachers and students who are ready to take care of the plants even in summer.
Through Parivarthana staff, we will  continue to provide the environmental education. We will visit the schools and educate the youth about the dangers of climate change during our every visit.

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