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Phase III
1. 4000 jatropha seedlings were raised in Parivarthana for gap filling of the seedlings that died in the phase II and were planted in April-June 2010.

2. During our visit in Aug 2010, we bought 180 lb of seeds collected by the collective effort of  several participating farmer of Thippalapura at the rate of Rs.5/lb.

3. We conducted meetings in small groups with the interested farmers who are the participants of Global Call to Youth, and convinced several of them to cultivate jatropha in their unused, waste lands and as bunt crop in two neighboring villages, Dallal Koppalu and Mahadevapura. Some agreed to intercrop jatropha with the regular crop.
 4. We transported the seeds to Labland Biotechs for oil extraction and distributed the biodiesel to the farmers. (2010)

Our Future Plan

1. Expand jatropha cultivation to other villages in and out of Karnataka
2.Raise funds in order to fulfill the financial obligation.
3.  In addition,  encourage the cultivation of other biofuel plants such as pongamia and Sima ruba.

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