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Sponsor Schools

1.The College Preparatory School, Oakland, California, USA

2.The Dorris Eaton School, Walnut Creek, California, USA

3. Bharathiya Vidyua Bhavan, Mysore, India

4. Talent School, Hunsur, India

Participant schools:

2009 :  India

1)  Govt Primary School, Nelupala

2)  Govt Higher Primary School, Honnena Halli

3) Govt  Higher Primary School, KG Halli


2010: India

1. Govt High School, Gurupura

2. Govt High School, Ratnapuri

3. VSS PU College, Ratnapuri

4.Govt Higher Primary School, CBT colony

5. Govt Higher Primary School, Manchabaina Halli

6. Govt Higher Primary School, Beejagana Halli

7. Govt Higher Primary School, Uddur

8. Govt High school, Gangena halli

9. Govt Higher Primary School, Bilekere

10. Govt High school, Bilekere

11. Govt High school, Bannikuppe

12. Govt Higher Primary school, Gavadagere

13. Govt PU college, Gavadagere

14. SNS High School, Gavadagere

15. Govt High School, Mullur

16. Govt Higher primary School, Neralakuppe

17. Govt High school, Neralakuppe

18. Govt High School, Krishnapura

19. Govt High School, Doddahejjur

20. Govt Higher Primary School, Katte malavadi

21. Govt High school, Chilkunda

22. Govt Lower Primary School, Attiguppe

23. Govt Higher Primary School, Chikka Hunsur

24. Govt Higher Primary school, NS Thittu

25. Govt Higher primary School, Kamakuppe

26. Govt High school, Dharmapura

27 SNJ High school, Harinalli post

28. Govt High school, TR Koppalu Hadi

29. Govt Higher Primary School, Ratnapuri

30. Govt Lower Primary School, KMG Halli

2010: Haiti

1. Mission of Hope School

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